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Hard 20 (twenty)

I should have written after my run on Sunday but I was kind of wrecked.  Mostly due to my first ever 20 mile run.  My weekly speed workouts always kick my ass and I really look forward to my weekend long runs to clear the head from a stressful work week but also because the long slow miles have come fairly easy to me.  I have no speed, but I feel (or have felt) that my endurance has been building at an appropriate pace for my training.

But Sunday was rough.

Saturday saw snow and we stayed cooped up in the apartment all day waiting for not sure what exactly.  I should have put in at least a little time on the bike indoors just to loosen up and dump some built up energy.

Sunday was gorgeous!  And I made out for my first ever 20 mile run.  I have to thank the Boston, Cambridge, Watertown and Newton parks departments.  The running/cycling path that runs along both sides of the Charles for countless miles was plowed the entire way.  It was still a bit sloppy (i'll get to that) but it was so nice to see that they clean up for all of us that try and take advantage of the path all year long.

A quarter of the way through the run, a third of the way through, half way through, I think . . . this is a breeze.  Run at the right pace and I can do this all day long.  Why not 26 miles, or 30 o 50?  It's psychological!  Get through mentally and I got this, no problem.

But I hit a wall. The first time in a looooong time.  Around mile 17 it took all my strength, both mentally and physically to get through that last 3 . . . er . . . 2.76 miles.

I try and not make too many excuses. (It was all that slop and snow!!11!1!)  Running and cycling blogs and forums across the internet are full of excuses.  Too many hills, too much headwind, too much getting over a chest cold, whatever.  I'm not sure why it was so rough for me so I will look to myself and see where I could make some positive changes.  Go out slower?  Eat/drink more before or during the run?

This weekend drops back down to 18, and as usual I still look forward to the long run.  This week, I got this.

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