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George started his visit today.

Blaine, was it george?

I feel that feeling I always feel, that loosening and sassiness and testostorone. The saucy mood dispelling and clarifiying the earlier gloom.

A bloom if you will.

I think how sad my body must be - or how my pupose anciene is thwarted each month. The uterus and ovaries and preparing are for naught.

It's with a sigh that the red maids start dismantling the cancelled wedding.

i think kevin might be a soulmate of mine.

Kevin is good and just and honorable. Kevin is a surfer and a skater and a neat freak and a boxer wearer and just very tidy. He only has quality things. His home is very masculine. dark greens and dark wood and fine small things. He loves books and has good, hardbound books in oak bookcases.

He has a dog name daisy. I signed kevin up in my dogwalking capacity for petstaff. This was back in September. Kevin has a scar on his face. I don't know if it is fire or shark. I never asked him, and I tried to look at his whole face and give him the gift of mediocrity.

I may love kevin. I do love kevin.

Daisy is great. Kevin now uses me on the side - totally in an honourable way. You can be fined $3000 according to the petstaff contractor's contract if you compete with them.

I was walking Daisy today. Kevin is off in mexico with his girlfriend looking at the ruins of the mayan culture. He always takes neat vacations. I like his apartment building.

Daisy is neurotic and shy and cool - she's hard to get to know.

Today, we walked far. I was in the mood. It was a cool cloudy misty heavy day. A great walkin' day.

Today, I chick watched. For the first time in along time the sisters were out in kind force. There weren't any of those LA girls - trying all the stops out to 'get there' (not that I don't appreciate this type). No, these were real girls - like jason's wife and christina clum and me. It was captivating to realize I could be enriched by the girl zone.

I have trouble with girls. It is my karma.

Most of the time they hate me and love me and compete with me and disdain me.

But not all. It's just that I've been rejected by cool girls that I admired. Being rejected by girls is just as dour as from the mens. I just realized that today.

Perhaps girl relationships represent mother and vice versa.

I was never any good at latin.

I love kevin. He could be a soulmate. He is good and honourable.

I have watched Daisy three times.

Kevin always has pot in this place I found while I was being a scorpio.

Kevin has a glass bong.

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