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Could I resist "witchy woman"?

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I don't have much math skill, but I may take algebra from my new landlord-to-be.

I use math in only one way really, and I'm not sure you would even call it math.

I triangulate and thus my hypothesis can pass into theory.

I have been called a witch by three maybe four people.

I have only done one weird thing as a kid - weird along the lines of imaginary friend et al.
When we moved from Macon to Marietta, I had this thing where I believed I was a bit of a witch. I half-believed that I had a secret magic power to draw a line with my index finger and make an invisible bar.

I would use this bar to lift myself up with when I would sit up. Is that understandable?

Kristen Shaughnessy once said that she and I were witches. It felt nice to have company in my witchery, and I concurred with Verena was one as well... we were the wilmington coven and mike was our warlock (with kent being my personal warlock).

Karen is a witch. Jane called herself a witch today.

I like this.

Then that dude in the crazy home I have already told you of.

of whom I have already thusly related.

Today greg reminded me of his weigh-in by responding to my e-mail with "i miss you too even though you must be a witch".

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