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the drive home

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Incidentally, it is funny to me that I've become someone who drives.
For four days I have driven to work - Just two weeks ago, I drove into downtown los angeles at night (to go to the fake utwo show.). I am still working on that tank of gas, but today I filled up at the local chevron at lincoln and fourth. (chevron always reminds me of granddaddy martin who owned one). It was funny, I had to think about what side my tank is on, and I yearned for the days when those fucking safety hoses weren't on the nozzles. Cumbersome indeed.

Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you how funny it was driving home from daisy (and kevin's).... I drove like a teenager. I blasted my music and bounced and had confidence and insouciance.

The last time I had babysat daisy, we went by a yardsale and I picked up a case from the sale filled with tapes.

(as the cool girl said to her friends after I sheepishly told her she had left her lights on wondering if I was being stupid as they may be the kind that turned off automatically)... After thanking me, her friend related the story of taking her "ghetto car" to the carwash and it being so beater that they said they couldn't be responsible for anything to do with it.

Nice. I like these gal pals.

Anyhoo, as I was driving home from daisy's tonight, I rifled in to these tapes. I had been listening to the reggae toots and the maytels for a month. There was a courtney love tape, and I smiled and popped that in as I lit my cig.

It was delighted that it was right at the end of that song we all like "go on take everything. take everything I want you to". I was thinking everyone listens to that song too, and I knowingly rewinded so that I could too listen. It was at the beginning of side a or b, and this made me think that perhaps it was fabulous how I wasn't always right, but I really am smart.

I am a genius.

and it's OK to say that.

I drove to the sea and then turned right while I sampled the led zeppelin tape.

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