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Oz and the field of poppies

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So, I feel like I live in a separate apartment now. I feel like I live apart.

I am a hermit. I am writing my princesses of iceland and ireland/narsissi thing.

It is gloomy here, and I am poor.

It is quite hard to have willpower - to have discipline.

On the way here (to work), riding my bike, I listened to two songs that made me smile and thank funny random:
the eaglette's "try and love again" and "my coco" by stellastar.

Love and cocaine.

Have I told you, I've never dabbled in cocaine - not even a sniff. I have indeed dabbled in love.

Love, love, love love love.

Mother fuck it.

Smoking I have ceased. For some reason, I just stopped. I don't think it's quite because I'm poor because I have no willpower (remember it's quite hard). I think it may be because it was just time. Perhaps the lack of movement made me anxious.

Now, I have moved. It has happened.

I live in a separate apartment now. I live on my own.

I'm not scared.

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