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Flame and Puddle

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So yes, it deserves a column to itself:


I crave a cigarette right now, but I haven't for two days.

You see, I crave one now because I have done something anxiety provoking.

As George Carlin says (stop me if you think you've heard this one before), teens smoke cigarettes for the same reason adults do: to relieve anxiety and depression.

If there was a store that sold cigarettes by the single, I would frequent it. I have no willpower. I believe that is why I'm a binge drinker. Have I revealed that to you? I've decided I'm not the alcoholic I thought I was, but i do binge drink. Oddly, I have heard that kudzo helps this. I am habitual. I eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

This leaves an anemic bank account and headaches and sweet heady memories.


Here I go. I'll do one thing today, but my boss is in 'nam, and frankly I just don't care...

but then there's the 'what's the baby gonna eat' factor were I to lose this job.

Christ on a pony... these posts are banal, but at least you know about me, me, me and where I'm going going going.

I'll surely generate some drama in the soon as I thrive on it as you thrive on nachos.

Or maybe I'll tell you a story.

I'll excuse myself because it's rather hard to 'be creative' at work.
I keep feeling like 'the man' is over my shoulder. I have a co-worker here today to help babysit the company. I'm not sure if he would care if I'm writing to you as we aren't friends, but knowing he's there distracts me.

I create only in solitude.

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