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So my food equals love plan is working like a charm. I fill up my belly and the love oozes through every crack. These cracks fill with the stored energy known as fat.

Last Sunday, I cooked up bacon. Mark was gone. I was in "old house", and I cooked it. I altruistically thought that I would save some for him to eat (as any bacon is good -cold hot what have you). I ate all of the bacon.

Oddly, I don't have the cahumbas to call myself even a nominal vegetarian. However, I would report that this bad habit along with the smoking may be getting back in line.

Last evening, I sauntered to the albertsons (after saying 'fuck this' to the long flip-flopped near walk to the whole foods) and purchased some new-house supplies. I am an admitted single person living alone. I am admitting this to myself and settling into it.

ketchup, eggs, tamari sauce, cherry tomatoes, large bag of almond m&m's, broccoli, dried pinto beans, hot sauce, ............ and you guessed it RICE!

I'll buy the ramen at a later date... just can't go there yet.

When I was a child, we were poor (this was with father #1 and single mother after father left). We would eat french fries from the fry daddy, cornbread, sweet iced tea, pinto beans with ketchup, and cornflakes and cheerios (sometimes for dinner). Sloppy joes and spaghetti with meat sauce and spaghettiooos as well.

My mother would likely cringe to remember.

Whilst in college, I wasn't that poor. When I lived on my own after college, I was poor. I have gone days where I eat nothing but pasta and sauce. I could eat some right now. It is my poor person's meal. Beans and rice are OK, but I never really gravitate them unless I'm adding some avocado (and even here they are $1.79).

Last night, I got a special customer card at my local grocery store.

Today, I applied for a working assetts $30/month cellphone. I will be without a cellphone/phone for two weeks.

My map shower curtain has not arrived, but I will have to take a shower there as my hair is greasy. I will have to use the rusty cloth swan and pastels shower curtain that comes with the furnished place.

I wonder if I'll be bored.


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