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The High Holy Day

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Mark even knows to call it that. (oy vey the inside jokes etc. please don't be lost. I've lost/given away so vey much)...

Anyhoo, just a regular day that is a signpost.

She's making a list - checkin' it twice. Yeah, I do pay attention to who remembers my birthday. Am I alone? I got such funny gifts from such funny people. My neighbor shirley gave me a gift (I told her two months ago when my birthday was). My mother-in-law sent me a gift. Our neighbor at work gave me the most special gift. It was a new friends/ old friends sort of assessment.


A trauma has marred this all a bit, but I'm trying to be OK with it and go on with my life.

The big trauma of my 33 has been the separation, and that is like a slow leech. You've heard it before.

I have a wonderful seedling.

I am cooking chicken on the grill and listening to "the bends".

It was the most gorgeous sunset with stripes of violet and orange and pink dapples in the water and a sailboat. I almost sank.

I got a massage from carol today - who threw in aromatherapy.

If I could be who you wanted... if I could Be who you wanted - all the time.

Happy Birthday Kristen Martin.

I love the shit out of you - you crazy broad.

Cheers to my soulmates. Thanks for the memories, and I hope to see you all this year. Next year, I think I'll stop the solitary birthday crap (although it has it's uses - sure.)


Off to enjoy life and be grateful for tons of shit and wish happiness on all of you.

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