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Reading Lydia Davis

On Acting

When the actress, who is not really an actress but actually a writer, was told she needed to look ugly, she didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, another actress, who is really an actress and who is playing a character written by the first actress who is not really an actress but actually a writer, took the actress by the hand and showed her how to make herself hideous with eyebrow pencils, pale foundation, and fake blood.

The actress, who is not really actress, performed without any part of herself visible to the audience.

The Sailing Race

At five minutes before the race, horn goes off, and the class flag, the mark flag, and the course flag are raised in unison with the horn.

One minute later, a P flag is raised with the horn.

Three minutes later, the P flag is lowered with the horn.

One minute later, with the horn, all flags are lowered, and the race begins. It’s important that no one crosses the line too early.

Reading Lydia Davis

I’ve been reading The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis. It is over 700 pages long. Sometimes, I encounter a story that’s only a few sentences long, so I read it quickly and move on with the feeling that I’ve accomplished something.

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