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The Hottest Day EVER

Yesterday was the hottest day ever in Los Angeles. In downtown LA, the temperature rose to 113 degrees F (45 degrees C); then the thermometer broke. When I went to West Los Angeles (which is usually cooler with a coastal breeze) in the afternoon, the temperature was 109 F (42.7 C).

It was hot, damn hot. Sure, it had been hot all weekend, but Monday was hot in the extreme.

How hot was it? So many people packed into the Yoguriverse in search of a cold snack that it looked like a New York City subway car at rush hour---or a subway car at rush hour in which everyone was eating yogurt out of buckets.

I had to get some Q-tips at Rite Aid, and once inside the mega drug store, I didn’t want to leave. I spent an extra ten minutes looking at school supplies. You know it’s hot when you don’t want to leave the Rite Aid.

When I stepped out into the sun, I felt my skin crackle. The air was so hot that I didn’t want to breathe it. I just wanted to go home and drink cold diet soda. It was even too hot for cocktails.

As I drove home, I contemplated moving to a cooler climate with mist and rain. Ahhh. As I drank cold diet soda, I wondered if there was such a thing as an overabundance of sunshine.

The outside was a like a furnace. I had found hell on earth.

Hell on earth.

Hell on earth.

Hell on earth.

Hell on earth.

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