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The Interception (over and over and over again)

Last night, I was eating sushi at a sushi bar when I noticed a football game on a widescreen television. Even though the picture was very bright, the sound wasn’t on.

I quickly figured out (with the help of graphics on the bottom of the screen) that I was watching the Minnesota Vikings play the Green Bay Packers in Green Bay. It was the third quarter.

I don’t follow football, but I do know that Brett Favre is the quarterback for the Vikings and that he used to play for the Packers. He also seems to have a lot of drama off the field as well as on it.

As I stirred my soy sauce with my chop sticks, I got to see Favre throw an interception before getting sacked. Ouch.

I enjoyed my sushi as Green Bay scored a touch down and took the lead, 21-17. Then on the next Minnesota possession, Favre threw the ball straight at Desmond Bishop (who plays defense for Green Bay) who ran straight for a touch down.

What caught my eye about this was that they played this interception over and over and over again like a nightmare on continuous loop. In my sushi bliss, I started to imagine the mundane commentary of the announcers:

The toss! Straight to Bishop! He’s running past the ten, the five. Touchdown Green Bay!

Let’s look at that play again. Favre is definitely under pressure to get rid of the ball. And you can see the disgust and disappointment on his face. This is not how he wanted it to go.

Here you can see it from the cameras in the end zone. See how he threw it right to Bishop.

Looking at it from above, you can see the Packer defense advancing on Favre.

And the field goal is good! Green Bay 28, Minnesota 17.

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And we’re back at Lambeu Field.

Let’s look at that interception again. You know Lenny, Brett Favre has been around this game a long time. He’s a warrior. He knows this is all far from over. He has to go out there and play some aggressive offense. It’s only the third quarter. It’s far from over.

And again, we see the interception by Bishop. Right into his hands. I wonder, John, what could be going through Brett Favre’s mind at that moment.

Well, definitely disappointment, Lenny, that was not what he wanted to have happen. The Vikings’ offense is back on the field and they just have to put those two interceptions out of their minds and make some plays.

Let’s look at that interception again. Key play of the game?

Definitely key play of the game if the offense can score.

And how pumped up is Green Bay’s defense?

Very pumped. They just have to keep playing aggressively and get to Brett Favre.

As you can see here during the interception, they scrambled the offense and got them out of sync.

And that’s the last thing you want to have happen if you’re Minnesota.

Here’s the interception as seen from the sidelines. I don’t know, John, it almost looks like Favre willed the interception. It went right into Bishop’s hands.

Well, maybe on an unconscious level, Favre wanted to put it into Bishop’s hands.

Here’s the interception from the satellite angle. Something we haven’t talked about is fate and luck. Have Brett Favre and the Vikings run out of luck?

Absolutely not. There are still plenty of games to play. I would worry more about fate though because we as mere humans do not know our individual fates. We might plan and scheme and work toward a certain goal, but in the end, we do not know how it’s all gonna turn out. We don’t know the outcome with a big O.

And we’ll be right back.

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Commercials for sitcoms.

Check, please.

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