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Today Should Be Teenage Make-out on the Street Day

I am currently not in Los Angeles. I am up in a small town in Northern California. In the last four days, I've experienced snow, rain, hail, sun.

Today as I was walking to the local coffee shop with free wifi, I came upon some teenagers kissing and hugging and dancing around on the sidewalk. These young public displays of affection put me in a good mood. They were all also wearing really cute sneakers.

As I was plugging in my laptop, I realized that the teenagers were off school because of presidents day, and I thought, yes, yes, Lincoln would have approved.

When I finally arrived in happyrobotland and saw that today's smackdown topic was teenagers making out, I thought, there's something in the air today.

Yes, in addition to those president guys, I'm going to take a minute out to acknowledge teenagers making out everywhere today. Suck face, guys and gals! It's your day.

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