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Signs I've Been In LA Too Darn Long

I'm getting out of LA on an epic road trip. I've been needing to get out of LA for awhile. Sometimes, it feels like I've been here too long. Naturally, I made a list of Signs that I've Been In LA Too Darn Long: 

I tolerate stupidity.

Awesome is a major word in my vocabulary.

Driving 45mph on the freeway means that traffic is moving.

I will hold up other cars, so I can pull into a parking spot.

65 degrees F is cold

I remember when Abbott Kinney wasn’t so trendy. Hey Kristen, the gallery is now a sweatshirt shop.

I remember when Downtown wasn’t so hip.

I remember when Silver Lake wasn’t so expensive.

Free parking is taken into consideration.

I don’t choose my footwear for comfort.

Pasadena is really really far away.

I ignore celebrities.

Sorry, I totally flaked is a reasonable excuse for not showing up.

To me, fast food is what you eat during a cleanse.

I can run in smog.

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