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12 Meter Charters

During our epic road trip (14 days coast to coast and back again), we stopped off in Newport, RI. If I’m in Newport, I gotta sail.

After a quick google search, I found 12 Meter Charters which offers two hour public charters on America’s Cup boats. We went out on Heritage which competed in the 1970 America’s Cup.

The weather was perfect. There was a crew of three and about ten of us passengers on Heritage. When they asked for volunteers, my brother and I jumped up. We helped raise the sails. I think the girls raised the jib better than the boys raised the main, but really, I don’t want to start a controversy. During the sail, my brother and I got to grind the jib. Heritage was built to sail fast, very fast, so she didn’t need a lot of wind or a lot of fuss to move.

We sailed around Newport Harbor, looked at mansions, optical illusions in the rocks, the bridge, and a sailing race. The crew was great fun. My brother and I hung out by the mast with the old salt crew member. Once the sails were up and the engine was off, it was quiet and easy. 

My brother (who does not sail) turned to me and said,

I get why you do this, Jen.

Of course, I have pictures. I wish I had taken more. By the way, the mast is from the 1983 America’s Cup boat. In 1983, America lost the America’s Cup to Australia. That was the year of the keel controversy. Anyway, yes, we were sailing with a loser mast.

If you’re ever in Newport and you have an afternoon to spare, I highly recommend 12 Meter Charters. You don’t have to do anything. You can sit back and have a very pleasant ride.

BowLoser Mast

RocksNewport Bridge

At the HelmHeritage Bow

Also in Newport, I had to stop at the Creamery and have an Awful Awful. I had a vanilla shake with a scoop of coffee icecream tossed in. Yum.

Awful Awful

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