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Mixed Nuts

I always go for the cashews first, but I don’t like cashews on their own. One time, I bought a bag of raw unsalted cashews, and I didn’t like them as much as I thought I would. It was just too much cashew flavor.

Next, I usually pick out almonds although I like raw almonds better than the salted roasted almonds usually found in a container of mixed nuts. Still, I like the almondy flavor of almonds a lot.

Walnuts are easy to spot. When I was a kid, I could crack a walnut shell into two pieces with no flaking or crumbs. Over the years, I lost the knack for cracking walnut shells.

Like almonds, I prefer pistachios unsalted, but I like the flavor. I also like really good pistachio ice cream---it has to be the good stuff, not some green shit with a random nutty flavor.

Hazelnuts. Not a big fan. It’s just such a blah nut to me.

Brazil nuts are exciting to find in the mixed nuts. Their flavor is not super sharp, but they get the nut job done. I like their hefty size compared to other nuts. They are comfort nuts.

Peanuts always settle in the bottom. I like peanuts, but I don’t like eating too many at once. I need variety in my mixed nuts.

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