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A Royal Pain

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in LA this weekend, and apparently, traffic in my local kingdom was a mess. I didn’t experience the royal cartastrophe first hand because I was on the water both days.

Still, as I was floating under the sun, I couldn’t help but wonder. Why were the young royals here? Were they just basking in the Cali sun under the guise of a cultural visit?

Did the idea of their LA odyssey begin with a conversation like this:

Honey Poo, I’ve always wanted to visit LA.

But it’s not part of the Commonwealth, Lamb Shank.

But we’re famous. We wear nice clothes. We’ll fit right in with all the other famous people, Sugar Poppy. Pleeeeease.

Okay, Whiskey Power, but we’ll have to go to panels, receptions, and fundraisers.

Oh goody! I’ll go pack!

What? Whoah! Hey! Wait! Didn’t we just have a three day weekend to celebrate the fact that we would never have to deal with the royals every again?

Yet here they are---messing up the traffic.

Maybe in a way, the Duchess is the personification of a mass market American dream. After all, she’s a brunette who married a Prince. It’s like a Disney movie only without talking animals.

I’m sure the royals are lovely boring people, but they’re just tourists. Let them walk around Santa Monica, take pictures, and shop retail.

However, if the Duke and Duchess would like to buy a bankrupt Major League Baseball team. . . .

Speaking of cars, next weekend, the 405 is closing between the 101 and the 10 for construction. Some people are predicting Carmageddon. Some are predicting it will be like the 1984 Olympics when so many people left town that there was no traffic.

What will happen? No one knows.

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