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Post 500

On this special occasion of my 500th post on happyrobot, I’ve decided to go totally ego-maniacal and interview myself.

Q: Hello self.

A: Hey there.

Q: Thank you for doing this interview.

A: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Q: You’re looking very sunshiny today.

A: I just got back from Arizona.

Q: How was it?

A: Damn hot.

Q: So here we are at Post 500. How does it feel?

A: Not too bad. I have an idea for Post 501.

Q: Did you ever think you would make it to 500 posts?

A: No, I just figured I’d stop when I ran out of ideas, but I didn’t run out of ideas, so I kept going. Sure some of the posts were lame, but I always managed to come up with something.

Q: Which ones were lame?

A: Oh self, you know.

Q: Yeah, I do. Has it gotten easier through the years?

A: No, it’s gotten harder. After all, I’m interviewing myself. Kind of scraping the bottom there.

Q: You do not post on a set schedule

A: I like to keep it mellow in a So Cali free flow.

Q: How much is real and how much is made up?

A: You know to never ask me that.

Q: Sorry creative self.

A: That’s okay, inquisitive self.

Q: Will we ever know the true story?

A: I hope not.

Q: So no reality television?

A: I don’t really have the personality for it.

Q: Any chance of a Sunshine Jen movie?

A: Only if I get paid an absurdly huge amount of money.

Q: Who would play you?

A: Matthew Goode.

Q: But. . .

A: It will work.

Q: I guess I just have to see it. Looking back, do you have a favorite post?

A: I love them all. They’re like children only they’re not human.

Q: Which post was the hardest to write?

A: Oh that’s easy. The one about the Irish Boat Builder. It was hard organizing all the ideas, and I didn’t want to present this person as a metaphor for my own creativity because it wasn’t about me. I wanted to present this really cool dude I had met. I still don’t think I got it right because sometimes I just suck as a writer.

Q: You don’t suck, Sunshine Jen.

A: I wasn’t fishing for a compliment.

Q: After all these years, what do you really think of Los Angeles?

A: It’s mighty bright.

Q: What do you think the next 500 posts will be about?

A: I have to write 500 more?????

Q: You said you had some ideas.

A: Killer robots.

Q: Last question.

A: All righty then.

Q: Any chance of a recent photo?

A: Well, I did just get my hair highlighted.

Jen 2011

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