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How I Make A Martini

I write a lot about cocktails on this blog because cocktails put me in sync with the flow of the universe (or something like that). However, I’ve never written about how I make my martini.

Until now. . .

Making a martini is a personal thing. Everyone does it differently. Some people like vodka martinis. My preference is a Hendricks gin martini.

First, here are the tools you’ll need:

Martini Making 1

If you are making a vodka martini, you can shake, but I always stir a gin martini. The spoon is absolutely essential.

Here are the key ingredients:

Martini Making 2

Note the silver spritzer contains dry vermouth. I make martinis dry with just a hint of vermouth. I can’t eliminate the vermouth entirely. It’s very necessary.

Ice is also very important. Be sure to ice the glass if it is not already chilled. Have you ever gone from cold to hot and felt uncomfortable? Think of how the gin would feel. If corporations can be people, gin can have feelings.

Martini Making 3

Since I’m only making one martini for the purposes of this demonstration, I didn’t need to fill up on ice in the mixing cup.

The order of ingredients doesn’t really matter since there are only two ingredients going onto the ice. I like to start with a spritz of vermouth.

Martini Making 4

Then, I pour in the gin. I don’t use a jigger to measure. It’s all about timing. I like to send the gin straight from the bottle onto the ice. It doesn’t spend too long in the air. Okay, yes, that’s me just being poetic.

Martini Making 5 

I apologize to not being able to show the elegant flow of the gin, but it's hard to hold a camera and pour gin at the same time.

Next, stir, stir, stir, STIR! Don’t just let the gin slosh around. Really stir it. Stir it for so long that the outside of the mixing cup ices up. Stir it so you get a workout. You can not stir too long.

Martini Making 6Martini Making 7

Dump out the ice from the cocktail glass. Strain and pour the martini into the cocktail glass. You should see little bits of ice floating in it.

Martini Making 8 

The ice didn't really come out in the picture, but trust me, it's there.

Add a drop or two of orange bitters.

Martini Making 9

I like to add two olives---not three, that’s overkill.

Martini Making 10

And there you have it. Enjoy!

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