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To Stay Cups

Yesterday, I stopped in my favorite coffee place to get a single shot Mexican Mocha, so I could run it off on the treadmill at the gym.

A Mexican Mocha is just a mocha with cinnamon. It’s like a Cappuccino and a Mocha came together and created a divine love child.

My favorite coffee place is independent and family owned. They take their coffee and tea seriously. They roast their own beans. They will serve you tea in a tea pot.

Because they have good caffeinated beverages, they are always busy, but there’s usually a team of about five or six baristas behind the counter.

They don’t write codes on paper cups and assembly line the beverages. They have porcelain cups. They have small, medium, and large cups. They deal with customers one on one.

When one of the Baristas came to me, I ordered my beverage and requested it for here.

It tastes so much better. I added giddily. I had been thinking about that Mexican Mocha for most of the day.

Does it really taste better? A guy next on line asked.

Oh yes, because there’s no rushing it. I said.

Sometimes, it’s better to just sit for a minute before running to the next treadmill. Maybe it’s a getting older thing, but the stays are becoming as important as the gos. Besides, the cups are nicer.

And for all you kid lovers out there, there were kids at the coffee shop. They ate cookies and drank hot chocolates, and they were very well-behaved.

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