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Ten Januaries

This is my tenth January in Los Angeles.

As I was walking in the sunshine recently, I realized that my reaction to this winter month has changed through the years. Below is my attempt to chart the progress of my reaction to ten Januaries.

1. My first January in LA! This is great! I’m in shorts! In January! How could I live somewhere with seasons? I’m never leaving. This is so great!

2. I’m so glad I’m not in snow. I can wear cute shoes. It gets cold at night, but it’s a warm cold.

3. It’s raining. It’s not supposed to rain. Where’s my umbrella? Do I own an umbrella?

4. Sun. Oh look, famous people. Whatever.

5. After traveling to somewhere with snow, I basked in the warm.

6. More rain, but I’ve got a hoodie. Brrr. Cold.

7. What month is it again?

8. Oh yeah.

9. I want a do-over.

10. Hot. January. Madness.

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