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The Rich Smell

It’s warmer than the usual warm in LA.

Yesterday, as I was walking and reminding myself that it was January, I cut through the parking lot behind Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills and almost got run over by white range rover valet-parking.

This near death experience would not be so unusual except that the range rover smelled like perfume. Yes, perfume. The smell didn’t come from the lady in the range rover. All the windows were rolled up, and the a/c was on. It was warm after all.

I walked away slightly amused. All these years in LA, I thought I had smelled it all, but I had never smelled a metal automobile reeking of perfume. In fact, most cars don’t give off strange smells.

Then, I realized that the rich (or those who drive range rovers and valet-park at Saks) must have terrible auto odor. It must be an awful problem if they have to use so much perfume. I wonder if range rovers come in a variety of fragrances.

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