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Dialogue between Jen's Shoes

Left: Jen likes to walk.

Right: That she does. Wears me out.

Left: You and me both.

Right: Lately, she seems to be evening out the load. She usually starts with me.

Left: But she is conscious of keeping me in motion. Yeah, quite balanced.

Right: Then when she runs

Left: Oh I like when she runs. I like the spring of it.

Right: Haven’t been running a lot lately.

Left: No, just a lot of walking.

Right: Lots and lots of walking.

Left: Still, it’s better than spending all day on the floor of the closet.

Right: I can’t stand that either. I always end up being poked by the brown pumps.

Left: Me too. She oughta get rid of those brown pumps. She never seems to wear them.

Right: And those black boots. They are way too big for her feet.

Left: I wonder why she keeps them.

Right: I know. She has us. We fit her perfectly. She should wear us all the time.

Left: That’s right, Right, she should wear us to the nice places. All we get to see are rocks, dirt, and pavement.

Right: Still, we shouldn’t complain. She recently started wearing those groovy wool socks.

Left: I like those wool socks. They’re smooth.

Right: I suppose we shouldn’t complain. She did take us on a boat.

Left: Yeah, none of the high heels ever got to go on a boat.

Right: And we didn’t get wet.

Left: Not a drop got on us.

Right: I think she really cares about us.

Left: We’re just her shoes, Right. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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