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I Conquered The Pod of I

I don’t own any Apple products.

The shiny puffy white cover of a Macbook makes me think it should be in a padded room in an asylum. I also don’t have any machines that begin with the letter I, and my ego is okay with that.

Apple stuff has always been a little too pretty for me. Besides, I like my apples without bites in them.

Then my Aunt bought an Ipod-Touch.

I should tell you that my Aunt is happily retired and does have a Kindle. She wanted something for her songs, Jane Austen audio books, and radio. She was Apple-free until she bought the Ipod.

For two days, she read the instruction manual, set up her email, set up her I-tunes. When she hit a snag in her setting up, she passed the Ipod to me and gave me a list of everything she wanted. She figured I would have better luck with it since I’m generation fiddle-with-it while she is generation read-the-manual.

It took some doing to get her Ipod working. I did have to call the help desk and speak to a human, but we sorted everything out. She can listen to her Beatles CD and her Elvis CD and has eleven hours of Pride and Prejudice.

Then I started going through the app store.

Oh. My. God. Now I get it. I get why everyone is looking down at their touch screens.

There are apps for everything, and they’re cool, and some of them are free. I scrolled and scrolled. I could’ve spent hours just scrolling through apps, but the dog, needing a walk, put his head on my lap and stared at me with his sweet brown eyes.

I looked at the dog and looked down at the screen. Dog or screen? Dog or screen?

Then I realized there wasn’t an app to walk the dog for me. I had to walk the dog. There also wasn’t an app that walks in the sunshine. There wasn’t an app to read all the books I wanted to read or taste all the foods I wanted to taste or go all the places I wanted to go. Sure an app could help me find those things, but I had to have the experiences. 

I put the Ipod down and got the leash as the dog did his walk dance.

The next day, I gave my Aunt a quick Ipod tutorial. She got all excited about the apps too and even downloaded google translate. All in all, my Aunt was happy with her brand new toy.

As for me, I had met the apple and did not eat it. I was still in the Garden of Eden.

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