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That Girl

How did it happen? How did I become That Girl in zumba class?

You know That Girl with her abs showing. That Girl who seems to know all the steps. That Girl who laughs when she messes up because it’s no big deal. It’s just zumba class which is fun.

How did I become That Girl. I saw her in the mirror and wondered, is that really me? That’s me????

Eeeeeeee! Girlie scream.

Okay, there’s a perfectly good explanation for the cropped top. It was a new tank, and it was too tight over the core, so I folded it up.

No, I don’t know all the steps, and it took me a long time to get confident with the steps I do know. I have terrible muscle memory and need to do things over and over and over again to get them.

In the positives column, I can count to four, and that’s about as high as you need to count when you do zumba. Sometimes you count to eight, but only sometimes.

And zumba is great fun. Usually, once a class, all thirty women in the class are doing exactly the same thing at the same time. It’s a very powerful feeling---like something out of The Bacchae by Euripides---only without the beheadings and Greek tragedy.

So if like me in your first zumba class, you’re feeling lost and awkward and wondering when the torture will end. Maybe you’re internally sneering at Those Girls who seem to be able to do everything perfectly. Just remember Those Girls once took their first class, and oh golly that was awkward. So be bold. All you’ve got to lose are calories.

Besides, boldness is not about showing off the abs and looking hot. Boldness is about trying something new. You might not be perfect at it, but you’re showing up and trying it.

By the way, this morning, I did two hours of zumba at a new studio called LA Dancefit. This place was so much fun. We had disco lights over our heads at ten am on a Saturday morning. Sweet.

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