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Massive Levitation

Back in the carefree days of March, I did my own little riff on the epic journey of the LACMA Rock from humble quarry beginnings to LACMA courtyard.

Now, months later, the rock is not no longer just a rock. It is Levitating Mass. Or it is a rock held by metal brackets with a concrete walkway underneath it.

Recently, some family members were in town, so we all made a pilgrimage to see the rock which was conveniently located near the La Brea Tar Pits.


My first thought when I saw the rock: yep, it’s a rock.

My second thought: it’s so cleeeean. There was not a spec of dirt on it. There was no pigeon poop, no paint bombs. You can't even walk on the grass next to it.


As I walked under the rock, I thought, okay, now I’m under the rock.

The rock is simple. It was expensive to build and can be described simply. It reminded me of a Hollywood movie. Maybe LA is the perfect place for the rock. It certainly is big.


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