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Back when I was on the Camino, I discovered how nice it was to unplug from the interweb. I could walk in the open air and breathe without popup ads. When I went on the web, I became overwhelmed and realized I needed to balance the convenience of the web with life in three dimensions.

Now, several months later, I am still trying to unplug or at the very least find a livable balance. Because I work on an older computer, it likes crash or slow down occasionally. Sometimes, I just roll with it. Sometimes, I get fist-clenching frustrated.

Yesterday, the computer decided to slow down in the middle of an MS Word document. The hard drive spun and grinded. I ended up shouting ALL I WANT TO DO IS ADD THREE WORDS at the screen. At that point, I realized I needed a break.

I went to my favorite coffee shop and ordered a hot chocolate. My favorite coffee shop is a civilized place. My hot chocolate came in a porcelain cup.

Sitting at a table, I started writing with a pen and chilling out my internal vibe when I heard a guy at the next table vent some wifi frustration. I guess it was that kind of day. He eventually solved his wifi problem and was soon typing away.

Still it was good for me to unplug for a few hours. It was good to go out and taste the chocolate. It was good to sit among human beings and look at real clouds. Sure most of them were plugged in, but that's okay. I've noticed folks with smart phones like looking at them a lot. I look at my phone a lot---I like to play games on it.

I'm trying not to be always connected to everything. I don't want to live my life knowing everything immediately. I don't mind the lag time.

When I go back to my laptop, the background is usually a nice photo of a landscape I walked through. I still think the real deal is better. For now, I have pictures as I grind my hard drive to get back to the world of three dimensions.

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