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Les Miserables Review (Sung Through)
I saw a clip in time gone by
My hope was high
Back on Thanksgiving
The Les Miz preview made me cry
I hoped the film would be forgiving.

When I was young and unafraid,
I'd hear the songs as I got wasted
The words were twisted up and frayed
The music poppy and high waisted.

But the decades march along
And the songs they lose their wonder
As I find new songs to hear
As new rock gods grab the fa-a-a-a-ame.

He rocked my summer on CD
It blew my ears like endless thunder
It made me sing aloud off-key
But I was done when autumn ca-a-a-a-ame.

And still I dream I'll see a show
Where folks all sing along together
But no one writes good tales of woe
Filled with angst and awful weather.

I had a dream that I would see
A show chuck full with hell of living
So differently from what I see
Those shows I hear and see in dreams.

(in my tenor voice)

Who am I?
Can I condemn this film's mediocrity?
Pretend I do not see it as pretty.
The plot goes at a break neck pace
It's full of fights, it's full of chase.

Who am I?
Can I conceal my own mixed metaphors?
Pretend I'm not the biggest show tune whore?
And why does Jackman make me sigh
With his curly hair and stiff neck tie?

Yes I cried!
How can I ever be a Bergman fan?
How can I ever watch Bresson again?

My mind is my own mind I know
No longer down in oh-hi-oh.
I've seen good films
And some again
I've seen great ones now and thennnn.
Who am I?
Who am I?

I'm Sunshine Jen!

(and now my baritone voice)

Shown in the darkness
It's visually stunning
With awesome sound
That's really loud
What have we witnessed?
What did it conceal?
But it kept a good pace
But it kept a good pace

And as I sit in the dark
I find myself feeling bored
I know what will happen again and again
It will win awards
And the camera swoops, swerves, and falls
And cranes and falls.

In your multitude
Singing your hearts out
Filling the darkness
With mouths open wide
You all are feeling it
Loudly and sure
At least you all really tried
You all really did try

You all know how to cry
You took a course and saw Mame
And some did a season or two on broadway
But we won't name names
And the camera swoops, swerves, and falls
And cranes and falls

And so it has been
And so it was edited
Les Miserables comes off as kind of nice.
Yes it might falter and it might fall
It does suffice.

(and now the montage)

One song more
Another tune
Another chance to hear
The actors try to sing with clarity
Their singing is not such a crime
They manage to keep decent time
One song more.

--I did not know before today
--How much I missed the Sound of Music

One song more

--And all their pre-recorded songs
--As they were singing in the mountains

One song for the ingénuuuuuuue
She's not famous but she will beeeeee
She can sing and she is cuuuuuute
She sings barefoot in the raaaaaaain.

--One more song for cute young students
(they don't do that stupid march)
--To make all the tween girls scream
(two steps forward, two steps back)
--Must google when I get home
(they can sing really welllllll)
--they are like a teenage dream

Who is that guy?
He’s really cute
One song more!

Now it's cutting really quickly
Between all the different folks
Everyone must sing sincerely
There's no time or space for jokes.

One song more!

-The score is all motifs
-Here’s yet another one
-With comical relief
-And some determined fun
-Here a little peep
-There a little touch
-Most of them ain’t deep
-And so you don’t miss much

One song til a new beginning
Every man will be king
Or if they wish they’ll be a queen
There's a new way to do musicals
Well an old way in montage
Do you hear the students sing?

The time is now
The place is here


Jumble Jumble Jumble
Jumble Jumble Jumble
Jumble Jumble Jumble
Jumble Jumble Jumble

Tomorrow we will hear the song
Repeat over in our heads.
One more day
One day more

(taking it down)

God on high,
Hear my prayer
In my need
You have sometimes been there

It is long
With no breaks
My foot's asleep
I need to pee.

Let it end.
Let it end.
Let it end.

It's not as bad as Tree of Life
The end with everyone on shore
The waves rolled in one by one
And rolled out one by one
My diet coke, it was all gone.

Cut some songs
Cut some scenes
Get us there
With less flair.

And if I cry, let me cry.
Let me live.
Let it end.
Let it end.

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