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Top Ten Things I've Observed About Top Ten Lists

10. There are always ten items.

9. I usually have an opinion about what should be on the top ten list before I read it, so my reading a top ten list is a search for validation of my opinion.

8. Number eight is something I don't think about too much. The point of number eight is to keep me engaged and to click onto number seven. . .

7. Number seven is something that should be on the list. Yes, yes, yes, number seven belongs on the list. I wonder what else is on the list. . . .

6. Number six is something mediocre. Six is a place holder right before the top five. No one really cares about number six. My computer sometimes freezes up when I'm looking at number six, so I have to look at six for a long time.

5. Reading a top ten list is not a total time waster. Not at all. I'm not wasting time on a top ten list when I could be reading literature or the news of the day. This is important, and I'm more than halfway through it. I can't stop now.

4. I can't believe number four is so high up on the list. Sure, number four might be worthy of the top ten list. Perhaps as number seven? But four? Really? That's just out of the top three.

3. Yes, I'm totally wasting my time reading this list, but I can't stop now. I'm almost to the end.

2. Number two is what I expect number one to be. Hmmm. Surprising. I wonder what number one could be. The suspense is kind of killing me.

1. Number one is something obscure or slightly ironic or maybe just a bit of a let down. That's number one? Then again, number one will be forgotten twenty minutes from now. Did anyone leave crazy or overly emotional comments?

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