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Good Evening Mr. Burns
The other evening, I offered to make my uncle a cocktail and asked him what he wanted.

A Rob Roy He said, and I reached for the scotch.

Now, I've never been a huge scotch fan. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but many scotches taste old and musty to me like a chair one sits in too long.

I do like the smooth stride of a good Irish whiskey straight up with a glass of water (no ice) on the side. I also like rye especially in a Manhattan.

However, I started enjoying scotch a lot more when I mixed it with Antica Vermouth in a Rabbie Burns, a recipe I had found in the New York Times earlier this year. I liked its depth and the hint of orange (I use orange bitters).

A Rob Roy is not a Rabbie Burns. My Rob Roy is a Manhattan with scotch, so it is sweeter with some drama from the Angostura bitters.

Maybe I didn't want drama the night my uncle asked for a Rob Roy. Maybe I was just having a brain fart, but I ended up making him a Rabbie Burns instead.

When I passed the drink to my uncle, he asked where the cherry was. I then realized my mistake. Ooops. But we drank it anyway. We're going to keep working on our scotch cocktails until we get them right.

My variation on the Rabbie Burns: 

1 1/2 oz Scotch (middle of the road, not too fancy)
1 oz Carpano Antica Vermouth
Several dashes of orange bitters

Mix all in a cocktail shaker, pour into a chilled cocktail glass, enjoy.
You can also add a twist of orange.

My Rob Roy:

1 1/2 oz of scotch
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
A Spritz of Dry Vermouth
Two dashes Angostura bitters
1 maraschino cherry

Mix all in a cocktail shaker, pour into chilled cocktail glass, add cherry, enjoy.

Rabbie BurnsRabbie BurnsRabbie Burns

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