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My 10th Anniversary
Happy 10th Anniversary!

Today is my 10th Anniversary on Happy Robot. Yayyyyy.

Ten years ago today, on January 19, 2004, my first post went up on Happy Robot. You can find it by clicking first post in the left column. Goodness, I was wordy back then.

Ten years ago, I figured I would just stop when I ran out of ideas. As you can see, I haven't run out of ideas. I just kept going.

I never wanted to do a daily blog where I talked about getting up and brushing my teeth. I didn't blog about everything in my existence. I didn't share my opinion on everything or tell all my stories because I like to keep some things for myself. Still, I have blogged about enough things.

At ten years, this blog has outlasted jobs, most television dramas, and US presidents.

I've aged ten years. I have a few more lines on my face, and my hair is a little longer. But I still think Han Solo is really cool.

I've written other blogs, but this is the one I always come back to. This is my internet home.

So thank you happy robot. From time to time, you have even kept me sane.

And since this is a celebration and not a resignation, there will be brand new Sunshine Jen posts every day this week.

So yes, I'm celebrating by writing lots of stuff.


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