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Thanks to Youz

This week, I'm celebrating ten years of blogging on happy robot. Yayyyy. Today, I get to play Oscar winner and thank lots of folks.

First of all, it's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, so thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thanks to Rich for the site and the logo. Ten years and my sunshine jen logo has not changed. I like it! Ten years and the site still makes me smile.

Thanks to Mrs. Robot for being so darn neat, and thanks to all my fellow Robot bloggers. Your magic is real and I believe in you.

Thanks to my family, close friends, and the friends who appreciate the silly nicknames I give them on the blog.

Thanks to anyone who's ever said, oh you're sunshine jen

Thanks to folks who started calling me sunshine jen after reading this blog.

Thanks to folks who have read this blog.

Thanks to folks who will give me money in the future after reading this blog.

Thanks to folks who commented, liked my facebook links, like my facebook page, and/or follow me on twitter (@RoboSunshineJen).

Finally, I came up with the Sunshine Jen name because I used to post on a forum with a lot of Jens on it. So I want to thank my parents and all the parents out there who thought it would be really cool to name their daughters Jennifer back in the seventies.

And to all the Jessicas, Ashleys, Emilies, Emmas, Isabellas, and Sophias, I feel your pain.

In ten years, I have tried to keep it human and positive or at least funny. I don't have a counter for how many hits I get or how many readers I have. I do check comments, but they are like horoscopes--forgotten the next minute. I do know that this is blog number 589, and that amazes me.

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