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Sunshine Jen Trivia

Last year, I got a job writing bar trivia questions. It was a fun gig until I started seeing every life situation as a potential round of trivia. What color traffic light means go? What does toothpaste traditionally clean? Who? Where? When? I soon burned out on that job.

Anyway, since I'm celebrating my 10th anniversary on happy robot this week, I have decided to come up with a round of questions related to this blog. The answers are below the break.

1. What major city did Sunshine Jen live in before she moved to LA?

2. Whose reading at Barnes and Noble in 2005 inspired a 2,800 blog posting?

3. What was Sunshine Jen's favorite non-alcoholic beverage in Singapore?

4. Who was/is the creative director of Sunshine Jen's fictional writing staff?

5. Which 2012 film did Sunshine Jen review in verse and ask can I condemn this film's mediocrity?

6. Where was Sunshine Jen when she experienced her first earthquake?

7. What is Sunshine Jen's favorite food at Dodger Stadium?

8. In what city, did Sunshine Jen have a Real Gourmet Burger?

9. Which Coen Brothers film did Sunshine Jen write about the ending of in 2008?

10. Finally, Sunshine Jen's first piece of writing to appear on happy robot was not on Sunshine Jen. On which blog did it first appear?

The Break


1. New York

2. Carrie Fisher

3. Lime Juice

4. Patreeecia Bachata

5. Les Miserables

6. An office staff meeting

7. Garlic Fries

8. Dublin

9. No Country for Old Men

10. Cootie Girl!!!!

Double or nothing is in play, and if you got all ten right, you know more about me than I do.

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