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Are You Me or Am I You?

Sometimes, as I'm scrolling through my facebook feed, I stop with befuddlement. One of my friends suddenly has declared that they are someone else. This someone else could be a fictional character on a TV show or a type of flower or a color in the visible spectrum. Usually this friend has taken a quiz and shared the results on facebook.

Since being myself already takes a lot out of me, I have decided to not find out which fictional TV character I could be.

Then I started thinking backwards. What if someone out there in the internetaverse is me as well? How will he or she ever know?

So I've decided to put together a quiz to find out if you are actually me or if you are just you and I am just I.

The questions are multiple choice and can have multiple answers:

Have You Ever:

A. Made a roll of fifty pennies.
B. Blown bubbles under water.
C. Rubbed your hands together so fast that they started to burn.
D. Written a note with blue ink.

Do You Like:

A. Warm days.
B. Misty mornings.
C. Starry nights
D. The sound of the breeze through the trees.
E. Snow falling at dusk.
F. A light rain falling on a hot summer day.

What is your favorite color?

A. Blue
B. Red
C. Yellow
D. Green
E. Pink
F. Purple
G. Black
H White
I. None of the above.
J: All of the above.

Do you own:

A. A sweater
B. Socks
C. A key
D. A notebook

Have you slept in:

A. Apartments
B. Houses
C. Cars
D. Trains
E. Planes
F. Boats
G. Sleeping bags outside
H. The arms of someone

Do you like:

A. Funny movies.
B. Dramatic movies
C. Action movies
D. Romantic movies.

Does your name have an

A. E
B. I
C. N
D. S
E. U
F. H
G. J

Are you sometimes:

A. Talkative
B. Quiet
C. Drunk and sputtering
D. Eloquent

Do you like to ingest:

A. Food
B. Drink
C. Mushy things
D. Sweet things.
E. Other substances

Congratulations, you have finished this quiz, and you are you.

And we are all together.
See how we run like pigs from a gun.
See how we run.

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