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Dodgers Down Below

The LA Dodgers opening day is happening in Australia this year. More specifically, it's happening on the Sydney Cricket Grounds. Apparently clay from southern California had to be shipped in because Australian clay wasn't firm enough for the pitcher's mound. Insert innuendo here.

But there's another bit of business brewing on the home front of Dodger Town. The Dodgers and Time Warner Cable have come together to create a super mega channel called SportsNet which will air the Dodger games. However, SportsNet is currently only available on Time Warner, and this leaves my Dodger-loving Aunt without her televised Dodger games since she has a different cable provider.

Now, I know this is a first world problem, and one can always listen to the games on the radio (which I actually prefer) or go to a friend's house to watch them. I'm sure this whole SportsNet business is more about billions of dollars than about what the fans want. Baseball is big business, but this all feels a little down below the belt.

Probably by the middle of the season (when the Dodgers have a load of injuries), it will all be worked out. In the meantime, I'll put some Fosters in the ice box and sit back to listen to the Dodgers. Sweet as.

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