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Stand Up, Funny People

I was in the car when I heard on the radio that Robin Williams died last week. The news bummed me out. He was funny. He made me laugh. Now he’s gone.

Sure there are other funny people, but we need all the funny people we can get in this way too sincere world. We need people who can see something and twist it in strange ways that we can't help but laugh. We need to laugh. We need that spontaneous release. We need to lose control for a few seconds.

We need folks who can deliver a zinger in times of need. We need folks of wit. We need folks who laugh. We need funny people.

Rise up Funny People! Rise up! Take up your puns. Brandish your double entendres. Uncloak mediocrity for the absurdity that it is. Keep joking. Keep improv-ing. Do slap stick and sight gags. Pull out the rubber chicken. Fight for laughs. Fight for joy. Stab the melodramatic straight through the heart (although the melodramatic might like that). Take pain and make music. Bring the pain and make poetry (or something like that).

We need you, Funny People. Free us from our anxiety, our boredom, our fear. Bring us full on, loss of control, rolling on the floor and jumping back up again laughter with snot coming out of our noses and an ache in our sides as we momentarily forget how to breathe.

Lead the way, Funny People. Show us the way to promise land of silliness. Take us into the light of lightness. One of you might be gone, but twenty more will stand up. Let the cycle of funny continue. Stand up, Funny people, Stand up!

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