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But It's Raining

On the Pacific side of things, I watched the recent Bomb Cyclone hit the Atlantic side of things with snow, lots and lots of snow. I heard about sub zero Fahrenheit temperatures in the Midwest. Stay strong! You gotta be tough to deal with winter.

On the weekend, I did a sailboat race out in the bay. It was foggy, but there were dolphins. The race went past sunset because the wind was dead. As it cooled down in the evening, I had to put on another jacket. It was cold---or cooler than it was during the day.

Then on Monday, we got rain. It's been awhile since we've had rain. Also, after the fires, there are a lot of hillsides with nothing to prevent mudslides. It was in the low sixties Fahrenheit . But it was raining. I could get wet.

I put on fleece. I limited my outdoor time. I drank extra cups of tea. Had I finally gone full-on Angeleno? Have I become so climatized that any sign of weather would make me traumatized? Or have I become a Carpenters song? Do rainy days and Mondays always get me down and do rainy Mondays get me especially down? Oh no. Next, I'll have to invest in a sun lamp and start speaking declarative sentences as if they were questions.

Monday also was David Bowie's 71st birthday. And there's something about Bowie's songs that make me smile. I still wish I could swim, like dolphins, like dolphins can swim.

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