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Winter Olympics Questions

The Winter Olympics just finished up in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Once again, I found myself watching lots of sports that I only watch every four years.

My Winter Olympics watching seems to follow the same progression every four years. First, I'm not really caring. Oh the Winter Olympics? That's nice, but I hate the cold. Then, I start to get interested. Who's Chloe Kim? Then, I start watching out of curiosity. So what's this Curling about? Norway seems to be winning a lot. Finally, by the last week, I'm totally into it. Triple Triple! Look at the height! Wow, look how fast that Bobsled is going. Wow, look how fast they're going on skis, skates, snowboards.

Then before I know it, little kids are carrying glowing spheres in the closing ceremonies. Olympics over and out.

But I am left with questions. If anyone knows to the answer to any of these questions, I would most appreciate it.


What happens if someone farts on the way down? Does that make the sled go faster?

Big Air/Ski Jump/Half-Pipe:

What is a bad training day like? Have you ever hit a low-flying bird?


I like curling, and I'm starting to understand it. Why do you shout at the stone, and has the stone ever shouted back?

Slalom/Giant Slalom:

Does it hurt when the gates smack against you? Also, am I the only one who used to call it Salmon?

Cross Country/Biathlon:

Do you get cold in your body suits and does the snow seep in when you collapse after the finish line?

Alpine Skiing:

Have you ever had to use the rest room when you were in the starting gate?

Speed Skating:

Where do you get your groovy glasses?

Figure Skating:

How do you land on those skates? Has the ice ever been too slippery?

Ice Dancing:

Oh Ice Dancing, why do I like you so much?

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