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Jane Walker Black Label

March is Women's History Month. Woohoo! Half the people on the planet and women get one month in twelve.

In honor of Women's History month, Johnnie Walker is coming out with a special edition bottle with a woman on the label. During the month of March, you can purchase a bottle of Jane Walker Black Label, and for every bottle sold, they will donate one dollar to women's causes.

Even though I can understand the Walkers wanting to use a plain woman's name (Jane), why couldn't they have called her Jenny Walker or Mary Walker or Penny
Walker? Jane is just so one syllable.

As a female spirits drinker, I'm not offended by Jane. If they had made the scotch pink and cherry flavored, then I would have some issues. I just don't drink Johnnie Walker, and putting a female on the bottle will not inspire me to start.

My preference in that area of spirits is Irish Whiskey, and please, I don't wish to see Janeson's Whiskey. I also enjoy Redbreast whiskey which does not need to change its name for Women's Month although in the context of women, it makes me think of scalding hot showers.

Whatever you whiskey preference, toast the women and drink up. It's Women's History Month.

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