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Please Don't Make a Barbie Out of Me

After seeing all these inspirational Barbie dolls being made, I want to be clear about something. After I die, I do not want a Barbie made out of me. Just don't do it. Please don't make a Barbie out of me.

First of all, I have hips, and I'm not THAT thin. I have strong defined arms, not little stick arms. My legs are not super long, but they are strong. I don't look at the world with a blank wide-eyed stare. I have a glare in my eyes. And my hair. Oh don't get me started. It's been so many different colors, and I usually just keep it tied back and out of the way.

My outfits wouldn't be very exciting. There's the Camino walking outfit which is hiking shoes, pants, top, hat. There's sailboat racing outfit which is boat shoes, pants, jacket, hat. Would I get an optional sailboat playset as well? Then there's my writing outfit: baggy sweats, animal print slippers, and cup of tea accessory.

Yes, as a kid, I played with Barbies, but they quickly became boring to me. All you do is change their clothes. It was hard pulling pants up their super long legs.

I had more fun playing with Star Wars (the original Star Wars) action figures. I had a Princess Leia in the white Star Wars outfit, a Princess Leia in the Hoth outfit, and a Princess Leia in the Bespin outfit (although the cape broke). The Princess Leias didn't need to waste time changing clothes. The Princess Leias went and had adventures with the Hans and the Lukes.

And the doing of adventure is always way more fun than the wistful dreaming of adventure while changing one's clothes.

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