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Sunshine Jen Coin

Through the years of writing Sunshine Jen, I have come up with my own news network and my own writing staff. It seems fitting that I come up with my own coin as well. Everyone seems to be doing it these days.

I am proud to introduce Sunshine Jen Coin. It's not an actual coin. It does not have the backing of a bank or a government. It can not be exchanged for goods or services although the coin will buy you all my good wishes. Still, it exists, and because it exists, maybe someone somewhere would want one.

How much is Sunshine Jen Coin? That's a good question because its value fluctuates with market demand. Somedays, Sunshine Jen Coin is worth twenty bucks. One day, Sunshine Jen Coin went as high as eight thousand dollars for just one Coin. It was definitely a #WOW moment.

How does one get Sunshine Jen Coin? That's easy. Just give Sunshine Jen real currency and she will issue you Sunshine Jen Coin. Then, in a fifty years (roughly 2068), you can cash in your Sunshine Jen Coin for a currency of your choice or a playlist of songs chosen just for you.

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