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Why I Like Writing

For the last few months, I've been questioning what I want to do and why do I do what I do. I don't call it a crisis because I don't feel panicked about asking myself these questions. I just call it my thing. Yeah, I'm just going through a thing you know. It's cool.

Of course, the question of why I write came up in my mind, and I realized that I simply enjoy doing it. Sometimes, it is hard and frustrating, but I like throwing down the words. Naturally, my next question was why do I like writing? Well I came up with a list. . .

Why I Like Writing by Sunshine Jen

I like how stuff goes from my head to the page.

I like that I don't have to talk. Never been a talker. I'm also a huge fan of texting.

I can wear pajamas or anything I want. I don't have to wear a suit or heels. Yay.

I can eat snacks. I like eating snacks while I'm writing. Sometimes the snacks are healthy---like organic carrots. Sometimes the snacks are cookies.

I can surf the web. Even though that's not writing, it's still a nice way to take a break. The internet is also very handy for spelling.

I can look at something that's absurd (and there's a lot of absurdity these days), and I can transform it into something even more absurd and maybe a little funny. Doing this makes me feel good.

Actually, the process of writing makes me feel good.

I like working on something I've written and turning it into something that makes sense. Or sorta makes sense. Even if it only makes sense to me.

I procrastinate a lot. But! If I have several writing projects going at once, I can procrastinate on one, get something else done, then go back to it with energy and the feeling that I'm not a total procrastinator.

I can write anywhere. I've written a short play while I was on the Pacific Ocean. When writing at sea, be sure to use a strongly bound notebook, so the pages don't blow away. And be careful about the salt water near a laptop.

I like typing stuff.

I like writing words on paper. My pen preference is a simple ball point pen that's blue or black. I'm not into pencils.

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