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Reading Glasses

Time is passing. I'm getting old. It's hard to read wine bottle labels. I need reading glasses.

My eye sight has always been very good. I can see little buoys on the water from a mile away. I always made sure I had adequate lighting when I read.

My Dad had very good eyes until middle age, and even when he should have gotten reading glasses, he insisted on squinting and holding the book at arms' length. Because I don't like to squint, I went to the Rite Aid and got a pair of reading glasses with blue frames.

My favorite place to whip out the reading glasses is in a bar to pay the bill. I also like to wear them when I want to show the wisdom that comes with age. They also make a good prop when you gesture. They become a small pointer which can be used for emphasis.

Sometimes I wear them low on my nose, so I can look up and over them. However, most of the time, I wear them on the top of my nose. When I don't need them, I sometimes wear them on top of my head. That might come off as super old lady, but sometimes, I forget they are there.

Even though I don't need them all the time, I find they do help with the fine print. I like the clarity they bring especially when my eyes are tired.

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