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Paper File

Recently I got a part time office gig. I hadn't worked in offices in a while, but the surrealism of administrative work has not changed.

This office had a lot of old paper files that had to go away, so that the big ugly beige filing cabinets could also go away. Apparently, nowadays, you can't sell filing cabinets because everyone is getting rid of them.

As I started going through the paper files, I wanted to make sure I didn't throw away necessary papers. However, I soon realized that there were stacks of unnecessary papers. Back in the day, someone had made a file for everything.

I pulled out a file that said ENVELOPES, and sure enough, in the file were unused envelopes with the logo on it. I added them to the box in the supply closet. I also found a file marked labels, and it contained blank labels of various sizes. Did they not have a supply closet back in the day? I don't know.

My favorite found file had to be the one marked PAPER. Yes, it was all-caps. What could PAPER be? Maybe an order form for paper? Some letterhead?

No, PAPER contained about a hundred sheets of white copy paper. I had to laugh out loud at that one. Maybe someone was hoarding copy paper in case they ran out. We have a paper emergency. Quick! To the paper file! Maybe I should not try to rationalize office crazy.

I did not throw away the PAPER file immediately. I showed it to some co-workers who also had a laugh about it. One was even impressed that I had dove into the scary filing cabinet drawers.

As of this blogging, I have not found a SCISSORS file nor a ROCK file.

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