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Pushing the Envelope

Now that I'm definitely in middle age, I have finally accepted something about myself: I like pushing the envelope in whatever I do.

I am not content to just sit and chill. I can sit and chill. I have sat and chilled. I don't last long sitting and chilling. I need to move. I need to push.

I also have realized that the folks around me also like to push the envelope. How did I meet these folks? I just did, and we got along.

But what does pushing the envelope even mean? According to google, it comes out of aviation. There is a flyable portion of the atmosphere around the earth. The higher up you go, the less air there is for plane engines. Pilots would test altitude levels of planes by flying higher and pushing the envelope. It's what Chuck Yeager was doing at the end of The Right Stuff when he went into a spin and had to jump out.

I don't fly test planes (I have vertigo), but I do seem to test limits on things. How far can I take that piece of writing? How high and fast can that sailboat go? How long can I walk?

People have told me that they could never do what I do. I'm not asking others to do what I do. I just do it (oh no, sorry nike).

Sometimes, I splash and burn. Sometimes, it's an epic fail. But sometimes, it turns out alright. Sometimes, it gets interesting. Sometimes, I even like it.

So I'm gonna keep doing it. There's something very fun in the keep doing of it.

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