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Bad Birds

I don't know if you have these where you live, but in Los Angeles, there are lots of electric scooters called birds zipping around the place. Riders get the bird app and can unlock any bird scooter then ride them all over the place.

Even though there are a variety of riders, mostly the birds appeal to the young hipster set. There is a cost every time you ride a bird. It's kind of like uber/lyft only on scooters and without friendly drivers listening to annoying podcasts (yes, Larry, your podcast is stupid).

Because I like to explore non-car options, I decided to give the birds a try. What would it cost me? It turned out to be $1.75.

I decided to try the bird when I wasn't walking to get somewhere. If I needed extra time, I didn't want the added stress of showing up somewhere.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I turned on my bird app and found a scooter a block away. Cool. I went over to it and unlocked it with my app. But! The scooter wasn't charged. Bummer. Fortunately, there was another scooter about twenty feet away. I went over to scooter number two and unlocked it. It had some juice but not a lot.

I put my phone in my bag and started on my way. I was on a bike path and pressed the thruster button. The bird didn't go very fast. I stopped, put my foot down, then restarted again. The scooter was wobbly and slow. Okay Jen, you can do this. I pressed the thruster again, but still the scooter was not moving fast. So much for the wind in my face. So much for the speedy trip.

I soon realized that I could move faster by walking. I locked and left the scooter by the side of the bike path. I was not in a good mood, but I soon felt better after I walked for a bit. I usually do feel better after I walk for a bit. Maybe I should just walk from place to place. I don't have to give my credit card to details to anyone when I walk.

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