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The Leaf Blower
Yesterday, I was walking down the street and saw a sight that made me think, hot damn! That's LA.

It was a sight that I've seen so many times in my LA wanderings. A landscape guy was blowing leaves and debris across a sidewalk with a huge loud leaf blower that he wears on his back.

Yes, that's LA. The Leaf Blower. It's loud, mechanical, and blows air. It uses a lot of energy to do something simple.

Usually as I walk by, the leaf blower operator points his leaf blower away from my general direction. I find that gesture to be quite polite. The leaf blower operator understands the power of the leaf blower. I usually smile and say hello.

I probably am a strange sight to the leaf blower operator. Not many people walk in LA even though most sidewalks are clear of leaves.

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