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Cosmo Summer

Last Christmas, as a gag gift, a friend gave me a subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. We all had a good laugh about it since I wasn't a Cosmo Girl. My subscription preference is New York Review of Books (which doesn't smell as nice as Cosmopolitan, but I like the articles).

For the last few months, my magazine reading totally lagged, and I watched the New York Reviews of Books and Cosmopolitans pile up on my desk. Then, yesterday, I decided to just read the heck out of the Cosmos.

Here is my journey through four issues of Cosmopolitan:

Working nine to wine.

Cosmo Guy (there's a new one every month)

Best Month Ever! (every month is)

Makeup Makeup Makeup

Start a movement

Waxing Waxing Makeup Dates from Hell


Nautical hues

Ugly clothes

Hair color

Sunglasses hair color sunglasses facial cleanse

Ugly clothes

Sexy vs Sweet

Perfume shampoo makeup makeup cleanser cleanser blow-dryers makeup perfume hair hair hair hair shampoo perfume makeup

Bring on the zen


Shavers Vapers Love and Sex

Twenty percent of singles think it's okay to like a date's post or photo before the first date

Bad sex happens but it doesn't have to happen again

Why seduction isn't a dirty word

Decode his bedtime attire. Ask him anything

Toilet paper. A food coma. Coconut milk.

Your next great, girl hang.

Take your style on vacay.

Glam grunge, edgy eyeliner, moody mouth.

Horoscopes, how passionate are you?


Sex you crave.

Beach reads.

4 sexiest swimwear trends

Ugly clothes. Matching ugly clothes.

Dare to wear hair.

Spirit animal.

No strings flings

Smart phones, dumber you? Tampons.

The habits that hold you back.

In control.

Pop (and protect) your pout.

Dare to bare. . .a little

Get caught in the net bag trend.

5 fresh uses for bronzer.

Electrify sex!

12 smokin moves

Build a playlist so good it almost works out for you.

Tips for healthy nips

How to stop hating on your job.

Suits to shake in, not bake in.

Hello confident.

Your wedding season survival guide.

What's your girlfriend style?

Too funny!

Unexpected style in plaid and prints

Itsy-bitsy everything


That boot though!

Anti-wrinkle cream paper towels

Hot 90s styles (scrunchies)

Go from Me to We without losing You

Is keeping an "ex box" ever okay?

What sounds sexy in bed?

How to stop comparing your relationship to others.

12 sexy things to do with your phone

Buh-bye, belly bloat

Wellness warriors

Bounce back from workplace eff-ups

Live happy, wild & free!

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