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Sit Up

I recently found something that annoys me more than those Bird scooters. By the way, I'm not the only one who hates on the Birds. There is apparently a movement now. I've seen very sane and respectable people yell at Bird people illegally riding on the sidewalk. Also, Beverly Hills (which usually loves all things new and expensive) has banned the Birds.

But enough with the Birds. My new annoyance occurs on the water. As you all know, I sail boats out of Marina del Rey which is the second largest recreational marina in the world. The marina has a main channel which on weekends becomes crowded with all sorts of recreational boat. There are big yachts and tiny stand up paddle boards.

People can rent stand up paddle boards and kayaks to paddle around the marina. Some folks who rent paddle boats are responsible. They wear life jackets and stay to the side. They are aware that there are bigger boats maneuvering in the main channel.

But then last Saturday, I noticed something alarming. It wasn't just one person. It happened several times.

Folks were paddling their paddle boards into the center of the main channel and laying down on them. What the. . .

Imagine a freeway. Now imagine a scooter on the freeway. It stops, and the rider decides to ignore all the cars. Yikesie.

I had to shout to the reclined stand up paddle boarders: HEY! YOU! SIT UP! YOU HAVE TO BE AWARE! SIT UP!

Usually the reclined stand up paddle boarder did sit up. They looked around with wonder as if they had just woken up from a dream. They were surprised to see other boats around them. They sometimes started paddling diligently.

Meanwhile, I sailed by and kept going out to the bay. The sea state has been pretty flat lately.

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