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November Dreamin

Please indulge me for a moment while I pat myself on the back. I have achieved my goal of one blog per month in 2019. Yes, I know I can still mess it up in December, but I remain optimistic. Yes, I can. I have no choice. I'm an American.

Out here in California, it is fire season when the dry Santa Ana winds gust in from the desert and turn the tiniest spark into a fire wall. Even though the fires did not affect me directly, I could still smell the smoke, and the dry air made me sniffly.

I recently finished reading a novel which I highly recommend to the few people who like the same novels I like. It's called These Dreams of You by Steve Erickson. It's set early in the new millennium but it jumps around in time and place like a dream. As I read it, I tried to connect the separate elements while wondering if I should connect the separate elements because why should a dream be linear? Still, it had a satisfying ending although I wouldn't have minded if it kept going a little longer.

I also recently made the mistake of re-reading old blog posts. I don't know if I did it out of curiosity or nostalgia. I wanted to rewrite them, but rewriting the past felt wrong. I don't want to rewrite the past. I want to write the present. Or something like that. As the seconds tick by. Time is relentless.

I heard a song the other day. I thought, how new, how interesting. It turned out the song was five years old. Oops. Never been good about keeping up with music. I turned on some early Bob Dylan and smiled. Listening to a song from more than fifty years ago, I wondered if I could sing the same song for fifty years. Then again, old Bob did write a lot of songs between fifty years ago and now. Maybe old Bob had the right idea. Keep writing. It keeps things interesting. Yesterday's just memory, tomorrow's never what it's supposed to be. Yes, I'm quoting the Infidels album.

I have nothing more to write this month. I should just get out of my own damn way. The air smells like smoke. I ran out of candy on Halloween. I watched Echo in the Canyon on Netflix. The clocks went back an hour. It gets dark so early now.

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