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LA Flakeout
Yesterday, I stopped in at a local chain coffee shop because I had some time before the next bus. I chilled on the patio and scrolled on my phone. A guy was pacing near me with a manila folder in his hand. He was dressed business casual but needed a haircut (I know it's a style choice to be a little shaggy, but he didn't totally own his shagginess). He pulled out his phone and made a call.

She's not here. This is the second time she hasn't shown up. He said.

I couldn't get the details about why she hadn't shown up or what they were meeting about. Apparently, the person on the other end of the call was calling someone because he stood for a long time with the phone to his ear.

Sorry man, you are the victim of an LA Flakeout.

Living in LA for almost two decades, I have learned that people out here are nice and laid back, but some can flake-out a lot. At first, I took in personally. But then I realized that some folks naturally flake-out.

This is LA, dude. The weather's great. Take time to smell the flowers or walk on the beach or sit in the traffic. Some friends make plans (usually far in advance) then cancel at the last minute. It's just their way.

Recently, a guy I work with went to the East Coast on business. On the phone, he praised the folks he was dealing with. They had shown up when they said they would.

Now, not everyone in LA is flakes-out. There are people who show up. Actors will be on-time or even early to a rehearsal.

A few years ago, when I started racing sailboats, I asked a skipper why she kept calling me even though I had no experience.

Jen, you show up. She said.

I guess showing up on time does have its advantages even in LA.

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